How to use KeepTree


The first step in starting your video legacy is to record a video. Pressing the ‘create video’ button on your homepage will activate your webcam. Once you have recorded the video and decided to keep it, add some contacts, assign your privacy settings, then choose the time and day to deliver it. You can also import an already created video directly from your computer.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Special Events – know somebody who has a birthday, anniversary, or graduation coming up? Is a holiday around the corner? A personal video on KeepTree goes a long way to replacing those boring old greeting cards. It’s easier than going out to the store, more personal, and lasts forever. Plus, by using FutureSend™, you can record it now but deliver it on the right date, and you can invite others to record their own so all the videos arrive at the same time.
  • Leave a Legacy – do you want to make your mark on future generations? Leave advice for your kids? Maybe just retell a great story from your past so it lasts forever. Keep it in your KeepTree so it is never lost and, with FutureSend™, make sure it arrives at the time your children are old enough to hear what you have to say.
  • Upload Your Videos to a Single Safe Place – if you have an important video that you never want to lose and want to easily be able to share with a limited group of people, upload it to your KeepTree and know it is safe forever. It will be with your other important videos,all in one place.
  • Long Distance Communication – if you are far away from somebody you love, you can let them know how much you care and that you are thinking of them. Plus, you do not have to worry about scheduling a live chat with annoying time differences – just watch, and reply when you have the time.

Add Contacts

Just click on the ‘Add Contact’ button on your profile page and enter the first and last name and the email address of your contact. You can also import contacts directly from your phone, email, or Facebook. An invite email will be sent to them so they can join KeepTree, view your videos, and send their own.


Once you have recorded or imported a video and added a few contacts, it is time to set how you want to keep or deliver the video.

  • Branches: First, decide if you want the video to be part of a ‘branch,’ our name for an album file. You can either create a branch, choose an existing branch, or skip this step.
  • Privacy: Next, choose who can see your video. You decide whether you do not want anyone to see it, only your mom to see it, or have all your friends see it. You can choose to send to a select few, a group of friends, or all your contacts.
  • Notifications: Then select which actions you would like to be notified for, through both email and the app. You can be notified when someone sends you a video, watches your video, adds you as a contact and many other actions. Just go to your account settings, select which actions, then save. You can always turn off a notification at any time.
  • Audio Messages: The only difference between audio and video messaging is that with audio messaging, you have the option to set an image to be displayed while the audio from your message plays. You can upload your own or choose from our exclusive collection.


An innovative part of KeepTree’s service is FutureSend™, our future delivery service. When you record or upload a video, you can have your video delivered immediately, or at any day and time in the future. Tomorrow or in thirty years, you decide.

Managing your videos and contacts

BuddyView™: Another unique feature of KeepTree is the BuddyView™. Click the icon to the right of your friend’s name and your homepage converts into BuddyView™. This lets you look at your tree and your friend’s tree at the same time. Videos in your buddy’s tree that you are allowed to view can be draggedto your tree.

Groups and Branches: KeepTree helps you manage your videos by organizing them into groups and branches. Add any number of friends to a group, like family or office pals, to make sending to more than one person easy. Branches are perfect for grouping videos together from specific events, like a birthday or wedding, or when different people want to share all their individual videos in one place.